How to book exams?

1. You need to first fill out your profile information.
2. On your profile page, please provide the appropriate information regarding your National ID/Student ID number (whichever is required by your institution), your Name and Surname. This information cannot be changed later on.
3. Next, click on the “Book Exam Dates” tab on the left and book a test date suitable for you.
4. If you do not see a list of available exam dates, then you need to book an exam using a code. The exams with their codes are listed on the home page; you can copy and paste the code to book an exam.
5. Click on the “Pay” button and finish booking process.
6. You can view your booked exams under “Exam Dates” tab on the left.
7. You can access your exam results on the same tab too, “Exam Dates“.

Installation of Exam Software
1. In order to take exams, you need to download and install the below software (Windows 7 and later). If it gives virus warning, just disregard the warning.
2. After installation of the software, download the Config.seb file and run it.
3. Whenever you take an exam, you need to run this Config.seb file and click on “No” for the “New settings…Do you want to quit SEB for now?” warning message.
4. Login to your account on the page loaded.
5. 1 hour prior to the exam, you will be accepted to the waiting area of the exam and make your microphone and camera (if required) checks. If you cannot access the exam waiting page, and instead see your profile page, you need to download and install the current version of Config.seb from this page and run it.
6. Exam will start automatically at the exact time.
7. If it doesn’t start, hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page until you start the exam.

NOTE: To close SEB, use “quit” as the password.
Exe Zip Rar Config.seb

Do I need the Exam Software for Practice Tests too?
No, you don’t need to run Exam Software during practice tests.
What are the technical requirements?

For the Real Exam, you need to have a PC running with Windows operating system, with a minimum Win7 version.

For Practice Test, you need to have a PC running with Windows operating system, with a minimum Win7 version. You can also take the practice test on Android Devices with Chrome browser. iOS devices don’t support the recording of voice over the browser; so if you happen to take the practice test on your ios device, be acknowledged that your speaking section won’t be recorded and you won’t get a whole score.

I cannot see the exam page?
In order to see the exam page, you need to have downloaded and installed E-Sinav.exe file, and then run Config.seb file. Otherwise, you cannot take the exam.
On Mobile, Help page does not respond to tapping. What to do?
When on mobile, if this help page links do not respond, try tapping and keeping your finger a little while on titles, or the menu items on top of the page.