TELS® has several measures to ensure Exam Security.

  • Secure Exam Software
    • The Secure Exam Software has to be installed and run in order to take the exam. If it is not running, the exam won’t start for that test taker.
    • The Secure Exam Software disables:
      • Windows functions
      • Windows shortcuts
      • Copy and Paste
      • Unwanted applicaiton running in the background
      • Web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox
      • Remote desktop connections
      • And Multiple Displays connected to the PC
  • Test Taker’s snapshots are taken at random intervals and printed on his/her score report page.
    • If Test Taker has no snapshots on his/her score report (online score report page), his/her score will be invalid.
  • Test items are individually timed, so test taker has just enough time to answer.
  • Navigation between questions is disabled, so test taker cannot go back and forth between questions.
  • Exam starts at the same time for all test takers.