Due to the worldwide pandemy Covid-19, you can take the exam at the safety of your home. However, the institution you are going to use your TELS®  score for may require you to take the exam at a test center only. Before making an exam reservation, please contact the institution and  confirm whether they accept online or onsite exam.

TELS® is an online exam aimed to test proficiency level in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills in English language. Besides testing, it gives the opportunity to the test taker to improve these skills. That is to say, for the speaking and writing sections of the test, the test taker receives a detailed subskill report for each section to see the strengths and weaknesses in detail, and have a chance to improve those that are not at a satisfying level.

TELS® is designed to assess the language level of test takers objectively. It evaluates each skill individually and does not integrate any other skill to the one that is tested. This way, any possible interference of one skill into the real level of another is prevented. Moreover, it does not include questions from particular fields of study; instead it purely assesses overall English language proficiency. This is particularly aimed for the sake of giving the same opportunity to each and every test taker.

TELS® is different from other exams and bears several advantages. Some of these are:
It takes between 45 and 90 minutes to finish all sections.
Without exhausting the test taker, it makes an accurate measurement of the true level in all skills.
There is no limit to taking the exam. You can sit for the exam as many times as you wish.
The result are available in 1-2 days.
It is comparatively cheaper.
It gives a detailed report on 10 subskills for the speaking and writing sections.
This way, the test takers get the opportunity to see their weak skills and try to improve those.
The questions are in short format and have only 3 choices so as to let the test taker to concentrate better without getting distracted.
It assesses the Reading and Listening skills on a “decoding the written and auditory material” basis and this way it assesses the pure language level.
It assesses the Writing and Speaking skills on a “production” basis.
There is no content from a particular field of study, but instead all content is selected to test the overall English language skill. Therefore it gives the same opportunity to all test takers.

University graduates wishing to apply for Masters and PhD programs.
University students wishing to pass the Preparatory School Exam.
Candidates applying for job positions that require English Language Proficiency.
Working personnel who need to present English Language Proficiency for their current positions.
and anyone wishing to see or present their English Language level.

You can find the exam dates and locations on our website and register for any exam date available.

You can find a sample full TELS® exam on our website. 

TELS® is proctored several times a week. We are currently working to make it available everyday.

45 to 90 minutes. All sections are completed in one session on the same day.

TELS® has four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing.
There are 25 reading, 25 listening, 4 speaking and 2 writing questions.
There is no long break time (only 1 min) since the exam lasts short.

Reading Section

5 Synonym
5 Missing Word
5 Sentence Completion
5 Missing Words
5 Inference
Listening Section

5 Definition
5 Function
5 Paraphrase
5 Homonym
5 Guessing the end
Speaking Section

1 Speak Aloud (Speak aloud the sentence given)
2 Talk about the Word (Talk about the Word given)
1 Talk about the Picture (Talk about the Picture given)
Writing Section

1 Error Correction
1 Support (Write a paragraph to support the Topic Sentence given)

Content in the Listening section is in American and English accent.

At least one official ID (National ID, Passport, Drivers License)
Mobile phone, computer, dictionary etc. are not accepted to the exam room.
You can take a bottle of water provided that it has no cover around.

National ID, Passport, Drivers License. All must have your national ID number on them. No other document will be accepted.
Your photo on these IDs must match the one that you uploaded when you registered for the exam.
The exam center personnel may ask for an additional ID if the photo on your ID does not match with the one on your account.

TELS® has 4 sections, each with a 25 point maximum. Total score is calculated over 100.
Speaking and Writing sections are evaluated with several subskills and each of these subskills can be viewed in detail on the score report page.

Reading and Listening sections have multiple choice questions and thus are automatically scored by the system.
Speaking and Writing sections are scored by two professional evaluators based on the scoring criteria.
If, between these two evaluators, there is a difference more than a particular limit, a third evaluator scores the section/s again and the final score is calculated accordingly.
As soon as the speaking and writing sections are evaluated, the score of the test taker will be availabe immediately and the test taker will be notified via e-mail. Scores can be viewed by logging into one’s own account.

TELS® exam questions are written, revised and approved by different teams of experts through a comprehensive process and then added to the question bank.
All questions are prepared based on CEFR criteria in B1, B2 and C1 levels.
All test takers are presented the same questions so as to give them equal opportunity.
It assesses the Reading and Listening skills on a “decoding the written and auditory material” basis and this way it assesses the pure language level.
It assesses the Writing and Speaking skills on a “production” basis.
There is no content from a particular field of study, but instead all content is selected to test the general English language skill. Therefore it gives the same opportunity to all test takers.

You can take the exam as many times as you wish. You are advised to book your exam early since there is a limit to available seats for each exam center.

There is currently no support for disabled test takers; however, we will soon make the necessary arrangements.

If you cancel your booking 7 days prior to the exam date, you will get a full refund. You will recieve %50 refund for cancellation within the 7-day deadline. All refunds are in Turkish Liras calculated based on that day’s currency exchange rates and will be refunded to the credit card you have made the payment with.

First create an account on and fill out the profile field completely.
National ID number, Name and Surname cannot be changed later on; please make sure this information is correct.
Please make sure to provide a valid e-mail address that is accessible by you.
Don’t forget to add a recent photo in the profile field. This photo is required on the exam date and it should math the one on your ID.
After completing your profile field, search for an applicable date and book the exam date.

You can book an exam anytime of the day.
There is a limited number of seats available for each exam center and all booking are made in a first come first serve basis.
If you wish to pay via bank transfer, you need to do the transfer during the work hours because we need to approve your payment within 1 hour (EFT or money transfer may not reach us if you send them after 17:00). In such a case, your booking will not be approved and your seat will be booked by the next test taker.

You can pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer/EFT (if available).

You can view the test centers both on our home page and on your account page while booking. Once you book an exam date, details for the booking will be sent to you via e-mail.

Update your information
Book an exam date
Request reevaluation for the Speaking and Writing sections of your exam.
Take a sample practice exam.
View your score report.
Print your score report.

Once you successfully book an exam date, detailed information about your exam will be e-mailed to you.

Once you have successfully booked an exam date, you just need to be present at the test center on the exam date with your ID; you won’t need any extra document with you.

You can update this information in your profile page in your account.

There is no more seats available. You can try selecting a different date or test center.

All bookings should be made online.

You can cancel 7 days prieor to your test date and get a full refund. If you wish to change the test date, you should contact us; we will do it for you.

There is no need for note taking during the exam, so you won’t need a paper or a pen.

During the Listening and Speaking sections, you will need to use headphones with microphone. Please login to your account 30 minutes before the exam start time and make sure your headphones and microphpne are working properly.

For your exam to be valid, you need to have a webcam active and running throughout the whole exam. Please login to your account 30 minutes before the exam start time and make sure your webcam is working properly.

QWERTY TR or EN will be present at the test center.

You can, but you won’t get a score for the questions or the sections you skip.

Since the exam is only about 45 to 90 mins, there is only a 1 min break after the Listening section (before Speaking). If you may need to leave the exam room temporarily for any excuse, you may; however, please keep in mind that each question has its own answer time; so, you may end up leaving several questions unanswered when you come back to the exam room.

No. We don’t send your scores to any institution. You can print out your score report and give it to any isntitution of your choice yourself. On your exam report page, there will be a code for any institution to check the valididy of your score online at our “Score Report” page.

Your scores will remain on our system and be valid for 2 years and you may access them anytime you wish.

No. However, be assured that your scores are avilable only to you or anyone you give permission to view.

You may ask for a re-evaluation of one or both of the sections within 5 days after the completion of your exam.

You may send us an email at

In such a case, you will be notified in advance. You may ask for a refund or change the date or test center.

In such a case, please notify the test center personnel and have them note down the issue and report it back to us. We will try to find the best solution for you.

If you think you will be safe and it won’t affect the safety and comfort of other test takers, raise your hand and report the incident to the test center personnel. If not, wait for the exam to end and then report the incident to the test center personnel and have them note it down for our review.